Our very own Cheryl Lindberg went on a cross country journey and made a stop at the very amazing art installation in Amarillo, TX called the Caddillac Ranch. This icon of Americana Art is located out in the middle of the desert esoterically placed to match the angles of the Pyramids of Giza but with midcentury era Cadillacs placed into the soil like they had nose dived in. It dates back to the 70's and they encourage graffiti which is pretty cool because as a piece of art it is constantly evolving. Cheryl spotted people spray painting, a cool old man walking around asking odd questions, and the overall beauty of public art right of the freeway. She even threw up some of her own graffiti, an I Heart CA sticker, which kind of goes against the whole "Don't Mess With Texas" vibe but seeing as layers of paint are being added on the daily we don't have to worry. Check it out and if you get a chance to see it in the flesh..er steel do so!



We had another fun year this past weekend at the Long Beach Grand Prix. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and hope to see you next year!



Trying new things and embracing the DIY spirit is something that all Harveys employees seem to share. Recently two of our own employees attended the Floral Crown Workshop at Creative Outlet Studios in Costa Mesa, CA to learn how to make flower crowns! The lovely ladies at Lavenders Flowers  spent time with us as we struggled with threading wire into delicate stems of beautiful ranunculus buds and eventually we got the hang of it and produced some stunning floral crowns! We celebrated with jumping photos, naturally. Creative Outlet Studios has a bunch of really fun workshops available so you may just catch us there again sometime soon! Tell ‘em Harveys sent ya!

Floral Crowns: Lavenders Flowers, Location: Creative Outlet Studios, Sunnies: Tumbleweeds



We have a few regular bike commuters here at Harveys, which means we have bruises, cuts, funny stories, and a really clear head through which to start the day. We all highly recommend riding a bike whether for commuting or just to take a trip down to the beach. The latter is what we decided to do as a group to clear our heads in the creative department and get ready for the Summer in our brains. Don't know if you know this but there is a Bicycle Super Highway that runs from about Big Bear to Huntington Beach that we lovingly call the Santa Ana River Trail. We all cleared out a good chunk of important work last Friday morning and decided to goof off and heed Freddy Mercury's advise on how good it is to ride a bike. Here is our journey we started out as grown men and women and returned as giggling toddlers and the best part is that we were "working"!



We have discussed how we are inspired by the odd and the unexpected especially the forgotten or looked over. One of the fun things about our office, besides almost everything, is all of our bums get to grace the coolest chairs this side of the Mississippi. We have Eames, beach, Neutra, industrial, and just plain weird. Here they are for your perusal!

Now that you've seen a few of ours check out the Vitra Design Museums page that features some of the most beautiful chairs we have ever seen in a really cool visual catalogue! Go check it out and get inspired!



We have a minor obsession with mid-century everything as evidenced by a quick walk through our office. From our room of vintage clocks, designer chairs for our desks, and our pining for the new season of Mad Men we have a problem. Dana has had a real love affair for the odd and thrown away and it helps because he tends to find things that are not in vogue before they are, well in vogue. This same spirit of discovery worked for our Airstream trailer which serves as a kind of pop-up-shop. The Airstream we have used to be their personal camper before it was a fixture at our events. The idea was kind of revolutionary and it is now something you see a lot of businesses doing which we think is awesome because we love good design and we love Airstream. We are in the process re-designing the graphics and the unveil will be on the road to the Long Beach Grand Prix on April 11. We hope to see you there but in the meantime peep some of these pics of the icon from the Vintage to the art inspired.